Hell Week…. or rather, Hell Season / Back to School

“Do you love your job?”

picard-facepalmI was asked this question not too long ago by a few of my co-workers as I was going through my rounds, helping out with their tech needs.

Valid question, I suppose… since they were actually witnessing a small glimpse of the chaos that is the weeks before school begins.

One would think that Summer work at a school equates to no work, as there’s no kids or teachers on campus. This is totally false, at least for the technology staff at our school. Summer for the ginormous staff of 2 (+1 temporary) in a campus supporting 800+ kids and ~65 staff was definitely not one spent lounging around in an air conditioned office with our feet propped up watching YouTube videos. Our project-filled Summer involved several tasks which could only be done while the classrooms were empty. Here’s just a few of the tasks that come to mind:

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Surface Pro – Hands On

Working in IT, I occasionally have the luxury to test out new technology and equipment. I got to play around with a Nexus 7 not too long ago, but really couldn’t justify usage of it on our campus due to our poor wireless coverage (which will hopefully change within the next budget year). It’s been serving as a nice device for email, reading, browsing, and video streaming, but that’s about it. Nothing I can’t already do on my phone.

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Photoshop phrustrations

So, I did a fresh install and re-install on this old Optiplex 360 here at work and couldn’t figure out why PS wasn’t running. Some of the suite would open up, but PS and Illustrator were having issues (didn’t check them all).

Strangest fix apparently. I thought Photoshop was hanging (not responding), but it actually was running.

So for the fix. This system had both monitors rotated 90 degrees and apparently that was the issue. When I put the main display back to normal, it was fine.

Go figure. One of those weird things…

(If anyone cares for the specifics of the issue:
GeForce 9300 GE
2x Dell 1908FP-BLK)