Instant Gratification / Being a Christian Otaku… or rather Otaku Christian?


Quite a pairing of words.  Sounds funny, doesn’t it?  Can such a thing even exist?  Well, I guess I would consider myself to be one, though I can’t say that this hasn’t been a recent struggle for me.  There’s a lot of areas that I’ve been working on remedying as of late due to personal convictions I’ve been having.

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Eric Benet – “Sometimes I Cry”

I just heard this song today and it made me remember how much I’ve been missing me some “real” R&B/Soul. The album, Lost In Time, is due this coming September. It has the feeling of a throwback, and I hope that the album brings more songs like this. With his last album, I’d say that “You’re the Only One” gave me a similar feeling when I heard it, even though I honestly wasn’t as satisfied with the Love and Life album as a whole. It didn’t give me the same complete satisfaction that I had with True To Myself and Hurricane. Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to the release. Continue reading “Eric Benet – “Sometimes I Cry””