Well, just a personal update really. Lots of changes ahead. Trying to get back to work. Trying to revamp the website with some new CSS to match a new logo. Got a new Wacom tablet to play with but gotta figure out how to use it. Been lingering in the city lately too. Mornings are a lot colder than I’m used to here, but it’s nice because I actually prefer the cold.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to do some covers, but being the perfectionist I am makes it hard for me to push something when I make the smallest mistakes.

Off to run, then back for some coding and job hunting.

Does this still update? Anyone still here?

Just test post of sorts, and yeah I’m still alive… for now lol

Anyway, here’s the latest thing that’s been keeping me going about my merry way:

Still obscure and pretty much just friends and family checking it out, but whatever. It’s keeping me sane. Check it out and feel free to subscribe.