Going May’n Stream

When I first watched Macross Frontier, I immediately fell in love with the musical aspect of the show. How could I not with Yoko Kanno in charge of the music? I felt that the two vocalists chosen for two of the main characters in the show were perfect fits. Mamegu (Megumi Nakajima), who was Ranka’s voice, had quite an appeal. Not to mention that she pretty much is Ranka IRL, especially when you see her perform “Seikan Hikou” live. With her cute and bright voice, her renditions of “Ai Oboete Imasuka” and “Watashi no Kare wa Pilot” were fitting tributes to Lynn Minmay, the first galactic diva. “Aimo” was also a great song for the show, and it kinda reminded me a little of “Voices” from Macross Plus.

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AWOL… still?

Been a really long time since my last post. I’ve had a lot on my plate that I could share with you all (whoever you are). I guess I could mark off a few things as well as do a few random reviews on some of the things I’ve played/watched/read/done lately.   (Added some images and breaks due to some feedback) Continue reading “AWOL… still?”

The Power of Music & Music in Anime

As a child growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I was exposed to tons of catchy opening themes to various television shows. There were many memorable songs from shows such as “Brand New Life” from Who’s the Boss, “As Long as We Got Each Other” from Growing Pains, and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now” from Perfect Strangers, just to name a few of my favorites. Cartoons at the time also had some great theme songs and soundtracks with shows like Inspector Gadget, Tiny Toons, Jetsons, Flintstones, and who could forget Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Even without lyrics, there were memorable instrumental themes from shows like Doogie Howser, Knight Rider, A-Team, Star Trek, and let’s not forget game shows like Jeopardy, and The Price is Right. Continue reading “The Power of Music & Music in Anime”

Eric Benet – “Sometimes I Cry”

I just heard this song today and it made me remember how much I’ve been missing me some “real” R&B/Soul. The album, Lost In Time, is due this coming September. It has the feeling of a throwback, and I hope that the album brings more songs like this. With his last album, I’d say that “You’re the Only One” gave me a similar feeling when I heard it, even though I honestly wasn’t as satisfied with the Love and Life album as a whole. It didn’t give me the same complete satisfaction that I had with True To Myself and Hurricane. Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to the release. Continue reading “Eric Benet – “Sometimes I Cry””

Ichiban no Takaramono

I just finished transcribing this, other than some minor details for the rhythm guitar during the guitar solos. I figured instead of taking forever to perform a cover (those F and A# bars still get me), I might as well share what I got up to this point. Here’s a link and the content pasted below. Took a few hours, mostly figuring out the names of the chords (thanks to chordbook.com) and doing the tab for the solo, because I don’t have much experience doing that.

Hope you enjoy. It’s fairly enjoyable to play. Quite soothing and calm.

Ichiban no Takaramono – chords
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