Ichiban no Takaramono

I just finished transcribing this, other than some minor details for the rhythm guitar during the guitar solos. I figured instead of taking forever to perform a cover (those F and A# bars still get me), I might as well share what I got up to this point. Here’s a link and the content pasted below. Took a few hours, mostly figuring out the names of the chords (thanks to chordbook.com) and doing the tab for the solo, because I don’t have much experience doing that.

Hope you enjoy. It’s fairly enjoyable to play. Quite soothing and calm.

Ichiban no Takaramono – chords
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New anime airing this Spring created by Stan Lee, and animation by Bones (FMA, Soul Eater).

Official Site

Oh.. had to include a screenshot of the cameo, as he’s known for doing…

Kimi ni Todoke

If you’ve been checking in on YouTube, you’ve probably seen that I’ve done a cover on a song from this anime series.  Just thought I’d make a post about it to pimp the series a bit.  In no way is this site turning into a anime blog.  Seems like a lot of work, haha.

Kimi ni Todoke (君に届け), or “From Me To You,” is a shoujo manga by mangaka  Karuho Shiina.  The story revolves around Kuronuma Sawako, who is mistakenly called Sadako by her classmates due to her supposed resemblance to the same Sadako from the movie Ringu (the original version of The Ring as we know it here in the US).  The students often fear and misunderstand her due to this misconception even though in reality she is a kind and caring person.  Though she is shy, she wants to clear up the misunderstandings about her and wishes to be liked and make friends.  She aims to be just like her fellow classmate, Kazehaya Shouta, who is a very popular and outgoing boy in her class who actually even greets and talks to Kuronuma.  As Kazehaya begins to talk to Kuronuma, everything around her slowly begin to change.
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