Cover Fever

This is how I feel sometimes. I’ve been churning out a ton of covers lately, though I think I’m using it as a means of escape, honestly.

There’s so much on my plate lately that I sometimes feel like I need to get away from everything.

So here’s what I’ve done since the last post:


For me, this is a ridiculously large amount of covers considering the time frame.

I could have spent a ton more time on quite a few of these, but I forced myself to publish them. I might go back and polish up a few, but eh… Sometimes, I just get that urge to cover something and I have to churn something out then and there. If I don’t finish a cover quickly, it usually continues to bother me until I do so. The only problem is that I kept on picking more and more songs to do, which increased that burden.

So, until next cover… haha

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