NoisyCell – “Innocence” (cover) Barakamon ED

By now, you probably know I enjoy singing quite a bit. I think I have 5 or 6 covers in the works, but I just haven’t had the time to really work on them.

Well, no that’s not true. I certainly have.

You see, the thing is… I tend to get distracted easily.

One song cover after another gets shelved as I get sidetracked and start working on others. This very song is one of those distractions. I mocked it up last night and churned it out today when my voice was a little more cooperative. I altered a few lines in the lyrics slightly so that the English would make a little more sense. The original lyrics in parenthesis and adjusted lines are in single quotes.

Here are the lyrics and chords:

Noisycell - Innocence (barakamon)
Capo 1

You held out your small hand
Smiling like 'you do' (to you)
It was so natural

It may have no meaning
But it is something 
I can not do

You touch my hand without thinking 'that' (back)
                D      D7      E 
It was nice for me

All the time we believed
That the world's in our hand
We were wrong
Maybe it wasn't
             Em              G
Cause you're holding my hand now

Every moment
I can feel
I can believe
        Em               G
With my holding 'of your hand' (your own hand)
         C        G       Em
Your own hand...

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the others I have going instead of just giving up on them entirely.


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