“Under My Skin” / Masochistic… I mean… Mirotic

As a YouTuber, I’m pretty much an unknown entity. When I first created the channel, I merely used it as an outlet to vent my musical urges and endeavors. I didn’t actively pursue a fan base or subscribers or anything like that. I saw it basically as a place to share what I love and enjoy (… with nobody :P).

There were a few videos I posted that actually got a decent amount of attention. However, a majority of those were just posts of songs that I pulled from an anime soundtrack. As for my own creations, there were a few covers I did that were viewed more than most of my other stuff. They’re nothing really fancy or elaborate… simply just me singing or playing the guitar.

I can’t say that I take entertainment value into consideration when I post videos. I never really have. The thought crossed my mind a few times to put in a little more effort into my productions. Stumbling across people like Smooth Mcgrooves and one of my acquaintances Del has inspired me to try to do more and put in more effort.

So I tried.

I began to work on a project for a cover I was making of a song called “MIROTIC-주문”. The song itself is a K-POP song by a group called TVXQ! or DBSK or Tohoshinki (THSK), depending what country you’re listening in. It came out around 2008 and according to what I’ve read, it was one of several groundbreaking songs at the time that helped pave the way to make K-POP the monster that it is today. I had probably four other K-POP songs picked out that I was already working on preparing to cover when this song suddenly popped up and I just decided to do it out of the blue. I would say that it’s quite a “sexy” song. The choreography and the lyrics are quite confident (and maybe even arrogant). Now by no means is this a reflection of me or about how I feel about myself. However, I will confess that listening to this song definitely makes me feel quite sassy.

I checked to see if anyone else had already covered it as usual, and though I found some (quite good ones at that), I decided to go with it. The covers I stumbled across were mostly (if not all) performed by women. I guess that’s to be expected as that is the majority of their fan base. I figured it’d be cool to do a cover to represent some male presence in this particular genre of covers.

I wanted to do the cover in Korean, but my familiarity with the language is quite abysmal. Even with the romanization, there’s just too little I know with regards to speaking it properly, let alone singing it for that matter. For this reason, I decided to do it in English. Though Sarah Connor performed an English version of the song (no, not the Terminator chick), I just couldn’t sing her lyrics. They were far too extreme for my tastes. The lyrics I mocked up for this cover was formed as a combination of the translations I pulled of the recorded song, bits and pieces of Sarah Connor’s version, and some of my own original input. It was quite a challenge trying to get everything to fit properly in terms of the words and rhythms. Trying to keep it sounding relatively the same while retaining the general meaning of the song was a lot of work.

I spent about a week or so working on it as time permitted. I took my headphones and a small notebook with me wherever I went to continue working on the lyrical content. Once I got that down, recording all the tracks was an intense and involved process as the song is layered quite extensively. Hundreds of mix-downs later, I finally got to a point where I grew tired and could barely pick out any differences in sound. I really felt like I was going deaf to the song with all that prolonged listening on studio monitor headphones. I just had to stop. As much as I wanted to redo several parts of the song, my ears and my voice were begging me to quit.

I started filming what I thought was going to be a fun little video segment to accompany the audio track. I chose 5 different tops to represent the different members of the group and filmed several takes, fumbling through trying to remember which outfit was singing which parts. I tried to style my hair differently for each outfit. It was fun at first. Then the weather and thickness of the outfits started to catch up me. After about an hour of recording, I hit the computer to check them out.

So much disappoint.

Just like I did on the music video for Make Sweet Love, I recorded my takes actually singing the parts. Of course when I actually sing, I tend to make this kinda mean-mugging angry-looking face for some reason. Needless to say, that very face was present on all the takes across the board. There was no way I was about to go back to record new takes for the cover. I’m not that much of a masochist.

So anyway, thus began and ended my journey for my cover on “Mirotic”. I hope it sounds okay, because I know it certainly doesn’t look okay (unless you like looking at the members of the group, then I’m sure it looks fine). Doing this cover certainly did get “under my skin,” but in a bad way. It was both a lot of fun and a lot of pain at the same time.



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