“Tsumibito” / 罪人 – supercell (cover)


Straight out of the ghetto sound laboratory. How about that pop filter?


Not to mention the awesome mic stand right there.

As you can see, let’s just say I don’t run quite the professional production. But I do what I can. I’ve come a long way from the Logitech headset covers I suppose LOL.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a cover I did of “Tsumibito” by supercell. It’s quite a dark song with regards to the subject matter, and the vocalist Koeda does an awesome job of conveying the raw emotion of the song. I can’t believe that she was only 15 by the time she recorded this song. Quite a unique voice compared to what I’m used to hearing out of Japanese female singers.

Cut and paste from my YouTube description:

This is a vocal cover for the song “Tsumibito” or 罪人 by supercell.
This song was on the single for “My Dearest”, which was the first opening for the anime Guilty Crown. The vocalist for the song is Koeda.

I completely forgot I wanted to do a cover of this. After randomly hearing it in the car and then realizing I had an instrumental for it, I just had to churn one out. I love the raw emotion of the song portrayed by Koeda. I hope I was able to express it as well and I also hope my pronunciation wasn’t too bad…Forgive the occasional pronunciation mistakes. As I’ve stated before, I do not speak Japanese, but I’m trying to learn.

Recorded on Audacity using a ATR2500-USB (meh quality, but better than what I was using before… lol). Sorry for the clipping/distortion if there is any. I wanted to re-record some parts, but it’s kinda late, and I don’t want it to be too inconsistent with regards to my voice and recording another session on a different day.

Also uploaded on Nicovideo:

Not sure on the accuracy, but lyrics pulled from “manwaifu” here:

ああ 失ってやっと気付た
神様 もしもいるなら
ああ 失ってやっとわかった
僕がいたこと 全てを消して
kibou no akari wo sagasu
koko wa makkura yami no naka
kamisama doushite desu ka
kanojo wo naze eranda no desu ka
daiji na mono wa itsudemo
boku no tonari ni atta no ni
kamisama tasukete kudasai
negau toki ni wa mou osoin da
aa, ushinatte yatto kizuita
kimi ga ita koto
ano hi ni sekai wa jikan wo tometa
kimi ga ita koto wo keshite
kono boku ga hoshii kotoba wo
itte kureru hito wa mou
kamisama, moshimo iru nara
kanojo wo ima sugu kaeshite yo
aa, ushinatte yatto wakatta
kimi ga ita imi
eien ni sekai wa jikan wo tomeru
boku ga ita koto, subete wo keshite
I search for the light of hope
in this pitch black darkness
Why dear God
did you choose her
Even though my dearest
was always with me
Dear God help me
it’s too late to pray anymore
Ah, I finally realize losing
your presence
That day time stopped for the world
erasing your presence
The person who tells me the words
I want to hear is already…
Dear God, if you exist
return her to me right now
Ah, I finally understood losing
the significance of you
Stop time for the world for all eternity
erasing my presence, all of it



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