My J-Rock Playlist (part 1) – ecosystem

Gintama has introduced me to a significant number of Japanese musicians. Two of those artists currently have a pretty heavy rotation in my music listening as of late. One of those artists is a J-Rock group called ecosystem.


“ecosystem is a Japanese band formed in Osaka. Their alternative and progressive rock swallowed all genres sound with real lyrics, everyday cut and fit the melody mixed with a unique blend. They were an indie band, releasing Jean mini album in 2010, until went major with the single Dilemma in November 2011 that was also the opening theme for the anime Gintama”

(Source: MAL – LINK)

I became interested in the group from the first moment I heard the lead vocalist in the song “Dilemma (ジレンマ)”. She has this unique tone and a voice full of power and emotion.

The second song I heard them perform was used for a show called Uta Koi.

As soon as I heard their second song, I knew I had to check out what else they had done. The first result that popped up was the song below, “境界線”. Once I heard it, I was set on picking up their music.

I wouldn’t say that they’re mainstream nor do they appear to be that well-known a group. They have only one mini album and 3 singles up to this point. However, I’ve greatly enjoyed listening to their music thus far. I highly anticipate hearing their next release, which looks like will be on August 7th per their news feed.



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