“Altair” – Hata Motohiro (cover by flipocrisy)

If my fingers weren’t hurting so much, I’d probably be playing and recording takes for that “Ichiban” cover, but instead I decided to sing. This was a song I wanted to cover when the series originally aired, but I was super out of practice at the time. Getting in choir helped a little, but I’m definitely not to where I was vocally back in the day.

Lyrics here: LINK

Anyway, the song I’m covering is called “Altair” (アルタイル) by Hata Motohiro 秦基博. This is the ED or ending theme to one of my recent favorite anime titled “Sakamichi no Apollon”, or “Kids on the Slope.” Great, great show, and highly recommended. The music is awesome, thanks to Yoko Kanno. In particular, the jam sessions that the characters had in the show were most enjoyable. This performance was one of the best moments, IMO:

Hopefully it doesn’t sound too bad. It didn’t come out as smooth as I wanted it to, but I didn’t want to linger on this too long. When I linger and nitpick too much, it usually gets left unfinished. I played a little with Movie Maker effects since there was such a long intro to deal with. Better than looking at me doing nothing for 20 seconds haha.

I apologize for any pronunciation errors. As I said before, I most definitely do not speak Japanese (but I’m TRYING to learn).




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