Eric Benet – “Sometimes I Cry”

I just heard this song today and it made me remember how much I’ve been missing me some “real” R&B/Soul. The album, Lost In Time, is due this coming September. It has the feeling of a throwback, and I hope that the album brings more songs like this. With his last album, I’d say that “You’re the Only One” gave me a similar feeling when I heard it, even though I honestly wasn’t as satisfied with the Love and Life album as a whole. It didn’t give me the same complete satisfaction that I had with True To Myself and Hurricane. Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to the release.

I decided to transcribe the lyrics. Only thing I’m not sure of is a line in the 2nd chorus (been at all that hurtin’), but for the most part it’s correct.

Eric Benet
Sometimes I Cry

-Verse 1-
Two years since you walked away from me
Since all of our scattered dreams
Were just thrown away
I’m finally gettin back to what I used to be
Share my pain with my family
Think I’m on my way

I can sleep at night,
I don’t reach for you when I wake up
But it’s taken some time
I can live my life
Without praying that we could make up
I’m movin on, I’m feeling strong inside

-Chorus 1-
But sometimes I cry, babe
When I’m all alone
With this heart of mine
Sometimes I cry, babe
Although you’ve been gone
For a long, long time

-Verse 2-
Heard you’re moving in with someone new
I hope all your dreams come true
And you’ll both be happy, yeah
Been long enough for me to take a look around
I’ve met a girl, we’ve been hangin out
She’s been good for me

But when we’re makin love
She don’t take me there like you used to
And it hurts when I lie (when I lie baby)
Help me understand how to push you out,
Forget you and let you go,
Cuz Lord knows I’ve tried, yeah

-Chorus 2-
But sometimes I cry, babe
Been at all that hurtin
For a long, long time (yes, I have babe)
Sometimes I cry, babe
Ain’t nothin workin
For this pain of mine

I’ll just have to fake it
Until I can make it
There’s a smile on my face, yeah
But I’m broken inside

(Chorus 1)
(Chorus adlib)