Ichiban no Takaramono

I just finished transcribing this, other than some minor details for the rhythm guitar during the guitar solos. I figured instead of taking forever to perform a cover (those F and A# bars still get me), I might as well share what I got up to this point. Here’s a link and the content pasted below. Took a few hours, mostly figuring out the names of the chords (thanks to chordbook.com) and doing the tab for the solo, because I don’t have much experience doing that.

Hope you enjoy. It’s fairly enjoyable to play. Quite soothing and calm.

Ichiban no Takaramono – chords

Girls Dead Monster Ichiban no Takaramono
Last update: 2010/08/03 v1.4 by flipocrisy Version History: V1.0 2010/06/27 - Original draft. v1.1 2010/06/28 - Tabbed verse and formatting. v1.2 2010/06/28 - Changed G#13 to G#6 v1.3 2010/07/13 - Corrected tablature format v1.4 2010/08/03 - Changed Gm7 to A# sus2/G Intro [note: C add11 = x32011, C6 add11 = x02211] A# sus2 C add11 C6 add11 F (sus4 hammer/pull) A# sus2 C add11 D m D m7 F Verse 1 [note: D m(maj7) or A aug/D = xx0221, F sus4/G = 3x331x]] [ : G# 6 = 466564 or xx1111] A# sus2 C A m F A m A# sus2 C D m D m(maj7) E ---------- B ---------- G ---------- D -4--5p4--- A -5-----5-- E ---------- F sus4/G A m A# sus2 D m F sus4/G A m G# 6 A# sus2 C add11 A# sus2 C add11 Chorus [note: D sus2(maj7) = xx0220, A/F# or modified F# m7 = 202220)] A sus2/F# D sus2(maj7) E A (maj7 pull/hammer) A sus2/F# D sus2(maj7) E (sus4 hammer/pull) A (maj7 pull/hammer) A sus2/F# D sus2(maj7) E (sus4 hammer/pull) A (maj7 pull/hammer) A sus2/F# D sus2(maj7) E (sus4 hammer/pull) A Interlude A# sus2 C add11 C6 add11 F (sus4 hammer/pull) A# sus2 C add11 D m D m(maj7) D m7 F Verse 2 (same) except: E ---------- B ---------- G ---------- D -4--5-4--- A -5------5- E ---------- Interlude 2 (Rhythm = Chorus) (solo) [ E ------------------------------------------------ B ------------------------------------------------ G ------------------------------------------------ D 5/7-6-7-------7-7/9-11----5/7-6-7-----7-7/9-11-- A --------5/7-5---------------------7-5----------- E ------------------------------------------------ E --------------------------------------------------- B --------------------------------------------------- G --------------------------------------------------- D --5/7-6-7-----7-7/9-11----7-7/9-7------------------ A ----------7-5---------------------4/5-4------------ E ----------------------------------------5/7-75-5-5 ](x2) Chorus Chorus (key change) [note: A# sus2/G = 313311] A# sus2/G D# F (sus4 hammer/pull) A# (maj7 pull/hammer) (x4) Outro: [ E -------------------------------------------------- B -------------------------------------------------- G -------------------------------------------------- D 6/8-7-8-------8-8/10-12----6/8-7-8-----8-8/10-12-- A --------6/8-6----------------------8-6------------ E -------------------------------------------------- E ----------------------------------------------------- B ----------------------------------------------------- G ----------------------------------------------------- D --6/8-7-8-----8-8/10-12----8-8/10-8------------------ A ----------8-6-----------------------5/6-5------------ E ------------------------------------------6/8-86-6-6 ](x3) E -4/6-5-6-----6-8-10----4/6-5-6-----6-8-8/10-- B ---------6p4-------------------6p4----------- G --------------------------------------------- D --------------------------------------------- A --------------------------------------------- E --------------------------------------------- E --4/6-5-6-----6-8-10----6-6/8-6-------3/5-5-53-3--------- B ----------64-------------------3/4-3--------------------- G ---------------------------------------------------------- D ---------------------------------------------------------- A ---------------------------------------------------------- E ---------------------------------------------------------- E -6/8-6-----3/5-5-53-3--6/8-----3/5-53-3- B -------4-3------------------4-3----------- G ------------------------------------------ D ------------------------------------------ A ------------------------------------------ E ------------------------------------------


14 thoughts on “Ichiban no Takaramono”

  1. Nice chords. I’m listening to the song and I think there are two guitars here. 1st verse has Capo on first fret(First Guitar) and then chorus is on standard tuning No capo(Second guitar). I’m trying to copy the real sound by hearing.

    I’ve used your chords to match up with the first verse but I really think it has a capo on first fret ’cause I tried it with capo and it matches. My only problem is when i get to the chorus where it has an E. I have my capo on first fret so I cannot make an E chord. The only way I can make an E chord is by going to fret seven but it is a high E and it doesn’t sound like the original one.

    Can you help me on this one.

    1. @Joseph Yeah, I was thinking it would’ve been easier with capo on the verses, but the chorus threw me off from going that route. That’s why I decided to leave it open. I believe it should be noted the way I want certain chords to be played, but once I post a video, it should be apparent. Trying to work on that now, actually…

      Sorry for the late reply, I forgot I set it up so I had to approve these haha 😛

  2. why is ur tab on the solo inverted dude?
    made me confused for a while

    but its good though..

    m/ >_< m/

    1. @aoi Haha, yeah I just realized it after looking at some other tabs. I just fixed it and updated the text file and the blog post.

      Thanks for that and sorry getting back to you so late

  3. Thanks for chords this song is awesome and you are too… but im still a beginner at guitar so i’l somewhat figure out how to read this stuff haha

  4. Do you happen to know what chords are being played alongside the solos? Or can I assume it would be the same chords as the chorus since the solos are essentially the melody?


    1. @Xei It’s essentially the same as the chorus, just plucked.. Sorry for getting back to you so late. I think I noted it saying rhythm or something, sorry if it wasn’t clear

  5. Hey flipocrisy, was just wondering if you could make another section above everything (after self-introduction) of how to hold the chords? Sorry if there already is a reference. 🙂

  6. I’m learning the interlude. i think your intro chords are wrong. I think it’s C add 11 or something instead of C. nice tab anyway. thanks to this i’m having fun with my guitar right now. Oh yeah i agree there are 2 guitars used here.

  7. Sorry xD I checked it.
    How come you can’t do a cover with this?
    Looking forward to it though =)

  8. @GuitarNewbie LOL I’ve been trying… been trying to do it with just one guitar (well, other than the solo parts) to prove it can be done but its really tiring to play straight through without errors, and I’ve been pretty occupied with other things. I’ll get to it hopefully soon.

  9. YAY I CAN LEARN IT ON 2 INSTRUMENTS at the out tro on the last three strings you put some of the notes that is supposed to be on the g string (haha lol g string xD sorry kinda immature right now) and you put them on the last e string

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